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Garden Rooms

I love to create garden rooms.

In my current yard I do not have much shade, so I hung a porch swing under the deck. As I sat there enjoying it, I realized what a great space it could be, and set out to do just that.

My favorite space

It started out as a mulched area, but as I was adding lots of garden around the yard, I kept digging up rocks – lots of rocks! So I started a cobblestone “floor”, bordered by some spare bricks under my swing. This grew to be quite expansive, and actually is quite attractive. Never underestimate what you can do with the unexpected when you put your mind to something!

I had been using the under-deck area for new plants that I had been starting, and I still do; it is ever changing, which is fun. My potting bench and a garden hutch are there, too. All in all, I call it my “office,” although, gardening is never work to me.

This spring it was filled with flowers — Lilly of the Valley, pansies, astilbe, azalea and iris. It is just a wonderful place to sit with a tall glass of Iced tea, and look at the garden, and think about what is next.

I hope this will inspire you to make a garden room of your own. I like to think of mine as my own slice of heaven.

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