Lots and Lots of Snow

The bushes look sugar coated- lovely!

The bushes look sugar coated – lovely!

We have really had our share of the white stuff this year. There is nothing more exciting and beautiful than snow, especially when it starts falling on Christmas Eve. Everything looks as though it is dusted with sugar, and the world seems like a snow globe. Then it keeps falling, and falling, and soon enough you are smack dab in the middle of Siberia, or so it seems.

And all of a sudden it's a snowglobe!

And all of a sudden – Siberia!

Here’s some tips on dealing with those mountains of snow. We all hope we are nearing the end of it this season, but with another polar vortex on the way for next week, you never know!

My first tip is all about being ready – buy that snow shovel early in the season before the stores are sold out. Some of us are lucky enough to have a snow blower – if you are one of those, make sure it’s serviced, and have a supply of gasoline on hand. I’m old-school, so I’m out there with a shovel!

Do your best to shovel the snow all the way to the edge of the pavement to prevent the melting snow from refreezing on your drive.

Shovel the snow all the way off of the pavement to prevent the melting snow from refreezing on your drive.

My next tip is to prioritize your snow removal. We come and go through our garage, so I like to start with the driveway, then move on to the walkways. If you are really, really lucky (yeah, right!) the snow will be powder and you can simply broom it away. That doesn’t usually happen, so the shovel is next. If you can, use the shovel like a plow and push the snow from the center of the driveway to the edge. This will save lots of wear and tear on your arms, back, and legs. If it’s heavy snow you will have to pick up the snow shovel by shovel and throw it out beyond the edge of your drive. The more snow you can get over the edge the better, because as it melts you don’t want it running down your drive and refreezing!

Be cautious on decks- the snow can be very, very heavy!

Be cautious on decks- the snow can be very, very heavy!

The kind of shovel can also make a huge difference in how easy or hard it is to use. My favorite kind is plastic with a glossy surface. The snow will slide right off like Teflon! If yours is metal, or non shiny plastic, spray it with cooking spray and it will help a great deal. It’s amazing how the simplest things can make such a difference!

Also, be sure to clear the openings to the storm drains and access to fire hydrants. And if there has been an exceptionally deep snow, you will want to make sure that your deck is not unsafe from the extra weight of the snow.

Take it slow, stand up and stretch every once in a while, and when you’re done shoveling, don’t forget the aspirin. Best of all — Spring is right around the corner!


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