Creating Destinations in the Garden

Hi friends! 2022 springtime is at full tilt here in our garden. It’s been a long time since my last blog, and much has changed. We lost my sweet 100 year old Mother-in-law last October, and it has been a difficult six months. To honor our dear Mom, we are using her beautiful antique iron outdoor furniture here in our garden. I think it makes the whole garden look inviting, and creates destinations in each of the prime areas in the yard. I can’t think of a more earth friendly way of recycling than to reuse lovely, old pieces, and to honor the fabulous lady from which they came. I will give you the tour, enjoy!

Just beyond the cherry tree, at the front of the garden is the juniper hedge, and a row of creeping phlox. It makes the perfect backdrop for this pretty set of iron furniture that has been in the family for more than 100 years.

When I get a chance, I’m planning to wire-brush and sand the iron, and give it all a fresh coat of paint. But I have to say, it has held up to the elements really well over it’s first century! Along the front walk, in the photo below, I’ve added Leo the lion to greet visitors as they come up the walk.

On the front porch this sweet tiny chair makes a great spot for a pot of seasonal flowers.
Circling around to the back yard, we have placed this table and chairs in front of the euonymus hedge, and I think it will be a great place for an outside office!

The table area is right across from the patch of lily of the valley, which I also started from a division from my in-law’s home many years ago! Each year the patch grows bigger, and this year it is blooming right on cue.

In the East garden, we’ve placed another table and 2 chairs. Perfect spot to relax at the end of the day, and enjoy a cool beverage!

Up on the deck I had the perfect spot for this Sewing machine table next to the door, another good spot to highlight a pot of seasonal flowers. This table has always been a favorite of mine!

A second sewing machine table is next to the french doors on the lower patio. I just love them both!

Also, on the lower patio we have an adorable old cast iron fireplace. Right now I’ve put my pots of herbs on it to spur some new growth with the extra warmth, but my hope it to place it out in the yard and create a cozy sitting area around it. What a fun place it will be for getting together with friends in the early fall.

I’m thinking this might be a good place for the fireplace in this corner of the yard. I’d love to make a circular brick pad for it to sit on and large enough for a few comfortable chairs. Well, I hope that this might give some food for thought in your gardens, and in this ever changing world with covid concerns, to create some safe garden destinations to enjoy with family and friends. Happy Spring, everyone! And for the Mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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